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Non Owner Insurance

Get Cheap Non Owner Insurance Quotes Online!

Looking for non owner insurance?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  At we offer great low rates, online quotes, same day coverage, comparative rate quotes and excellent service.  Simply enter some basic information and we’ll provide you comparative rate quotes from many of today’s most competitive insurance companies offering non owners insurance.  All you have to do is compare, choose & save!

Cheap Non Owner Insurance Quotes

At we provide cheap non owner insurance quotes by using the power of choice and competition.  Our rater will instantly provide a personalized list of rate quotes of multiple companies in order of price.  The ability to get rates from dozens of carriers in a matter of minutes allows us to save you both time and money.  Finding cheap non owners insurance has never been easier;  get your free non owner insurance quotes today!

What is Non Owner Insurance?

Non owner insurance is auto insurance for those without a vehicle.  It insures you while driving a vehicle that is not registered to you, anyone in your household, or your employer.  It is intended to cover you for the occasional use of a vehicle if you happen not to own one yourself.  Coverage is not extended to any vehicles that you drive on a regular basis.  Also, since there isn’t a stated vehicle, comprehensive and collision coverage is not afforded by this type of coverage.  You can, however, get an SR22 under a non owner sr22 insurance policy if one is needed.  If you happen to own a vehicle or drive a particular vehicle often then this is not the right type of coverage for you.  In this case, you would need a regular auto insurance policy that you can get quotes on by simply choosing auto from the drop down box in our quotes section.

How Much Does Non Owner Insurance Cost?

The cost of non owner insurance varies from person to person.  Although there is not a vehicle to cover, there are many other rating factors to consider.  Age, zip code, driving experience, driving record, coverages and other rate determining factors still apply.  The actual non owner insurance cost is personalized to the individual person.  In comparison to a conventional auto insurance policy, a non owners policy costs slightly less as there is no vehicle being driven regularly so the annual mileage factor is based on a lower amount.  Take just a few minutes to see how much non owner insurance will cost you.  Get your free quote online today!

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